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The Colden Circle – Why Communicating Your Business’ “WHY” is So Important

Sustainability is a pressing issue, as more brands seek to incorporate innovative sustainable solutions into their long-term strategy. It has become more important than ever for brands to communicate their WHY – the purpose that informs everything you do – into their wider marketing campaigns.

You may have heard of Simon Sinek’s Golden Circle theory, which recommends that brands must establish the WHY, HOW and WHAT of their operations to communicate effectively with clients, beginning with WHY. Keeping your company values, your mission, and your sustainability goals at the forefront of everything you do gives your brand deeper meaning, enabling you to deliver purpose-driven marketing and create meaningful messaging that will resonate with clients.

Many businesses are carefully examining their operations to improve sustainability performance throughout their supply chain, in tandem with incorporating sustainable solutions into their day-to-day activities. Spending the time on effectively communicating the WHY will firmly establish your proposition, as well as winning and retaining clients. In this article, we’ve highlighted three key reasons why the WHY is so important.

It aligns everybody on the same path

Establishing your WHY differentiates your brand proposition from your competitors and enables you to develop strategic management principles that feed into your wider marketing strategy. Simply put, taking the time to consider the WHY will give you the foundation to create truly meaningful messaging in your campaigns.

Furthermore, clearly communicating your WHY ensures your employees are fully engaged with your sustainability journey and the solutions you offer to help other businesses green their operations. Engaged internal stakeholders focuses your brand’s WHY at every level of the business, providing the best results for your clients.

Through strategy-specific messaging, both internally and externally, your WHY can become an integral part of your business, aligning everybody on the same path and empowering you to better communicate both your product and your environmental aspirations.

It inspires your clients to be greener

Sustainability is at the top of your potential clients’ agendas. When they’re considering doing business with you, they want to know what you stand for and feel confident that your solutions align with their core values and strategic objectives.

Promoting your WHY externally through meaningful messaging is key to building trust and deepening awareness amongst your desired audience. Making your core beliefs easily understandable will create a transparent and open dialogue that will attract like-minded clients. Your WHY should be at the heart of all your communications, from your website to your social media campaigns.

Communicating your WHY involves creating a simple proposition – how can you distil your products and services, alongside your purpose, into one crystal clear message? Even better, how can you position your brand as a solution designed to inspire change?

Keeping the WHY at the forefront of your marketing ensures you are continually focused on your company values and ethics, allowing you to deliver purpose-driven marketing with a WHY that which will shine through in your communications.

It informs your own sustainability efforts

A commitment to sustainability and offering innovative solutions requires affirmative action and clear, meaningful messaging. Defining and communicating clear internal sustainability objectives that align with your Golden Circle WHY will ensure your wider activities are focused on your core-values, forming the backbone of your overall strategy and growth.

For example, if your business provides energy reporting services to clients to help them reduce their carbon emissions by 20%, what key performance indicators (KPIs) can you set internally to rigorously analyse and track your own progress, demonstrating your value as part of a greener supply chain? Actions speak louder than words and focused companies are in a better position to communicate and collaborate with their clients and stakeholders.

With clear KPIs in place, you can then communicate these as part of your WHY, showing that you are fully committed to advancing the global sustainability narrative and can help other businesses along their journey. Communications act as a useful tool to integrate and support your long-term sustainability goals, by creating conversation and accountability.

At Planet Marketing, we know that communicating your Golden Circle WHY will help attract, retain, and nurture future clients, creating a brighter future for all. Get in touch.