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Qualities of Climate Conscious Consumers and How Content Marketing Appeals To Them

As a sustainable business leader, one of your many essential understandings for business success is to create a clear vision of who your consumer is and how to appeal to them. However, all too often, keeping up with conscious consumerism can become a challenging task. From boycotting irresponsible companies to eliminating plastic from their shopping basket, attitudes towards sustainability are increasingly translating into consumer behaviour. With the world population set to reach almost 10 billion by 2050 and climate change far from being a thing of the past, the popularity of sustainable alternatives is certainly a step in the right direction. However as a business, winning over and retaining climate conscious consumers has become a fine line to tread;if you’re steering blindly you can easily fall short in your messaging or lose brand authenticity. In this article, we’ll talk about the importance of understanding climate conscious consumers and how your content marketing can help serve them.

Qualities of climate conscious consumers

Empowered through knowledge: Being a sustainable business is no longer as simple as launching a sustainable product. Itnow goes way beyond this as consumers thoroughly examine a brand’s production and sourcing, labour practices and day-to-day operations prior to making a purchase. 

Honest and Transparent: While climate conscious consumers are taking actionable measures that drive sustainable change, they do so in an honest manner and accept that being imperfect is better than not trying at all. They understand and support initiatives that encourage earth friendly habits and are strong believers in the greater collective effect.

Prefer to support local, quality products over global brands: A large number of climate conscious consumers would have already been a part of the #supportlocal movement prior to the Covid-19 pandemic. However, the events of the last two years have without a doubt made larger groups of consumers reconsider their purchasing decisions. A shift has occurred with the focus moving further towards local businesses over global brands. As a matter of fact, a study carried out in 2021 revealed that more than a  third (34%) of the 10,000 individuals involved in the study are willing to pay more for sustainable products or services; those willing to pay more would accept a 25 percent premium on average for a sustainable product.

4 ways to mirror these qualities in your content marketing

1: Make sure your brand’s values are effectively woven into all of your content marketing and strategy to convey your environmental and social commitments. Use brand messaging within your social media and website content to communicate your business’s why and exactly what your brand stands for. If you communicate your business’ sustainability values, efforts, and achievements through content, you can build trust between your business and the consumers you are targeting. If your business is working towards certain sustainability certifications or targets, share your journey. This among other efforts will show consumers that you are  passionate about the causes they care about.

2: Focus on being transparent and consistent about what impact your business is making. Accountability goes a long way so your words must match your actions therefore avoid making promises or statements you cannot deliver on. Research carried out by the Shelton Group revealed that 90% of millennials would purchase from a brand if they trusted their environmental and social business practices. Furthermore, 95% of them would recommend this type of brand to a friend. 

3: Create content that encourages community building. Your business must both listen and communicate with your audience to nurture a meaningful relationship. Engage your consumers by sharing how they can get involved and encourage them to share feedback and opinions on your brand and offering. Giving your consumers a voice strengthens the relationship as you both work towards a common goal. 

4: Reconsider your marketing strategy and content messaging. Are you targeting the right audience in your local area or are you missing out on business opportunities from individuals who would be open to paying more for a product which is sustainable and local? 

At Planet Marketing, we understand that making the most of your content marketing is how you appeal to climate conscious consumers. A thoughtful strategy and plan will help attract, retain, and nurture future clients, creating a more resilient future for all. Get in touch today.