We understand the
why behind your what

Planet Marketing takes a four-phase approach to the evolution of your environmentally focused brand campaigns.


A clear strategy, and the setting of marketing objectives and tactics is key to future-proofing your brand. We research your marketplace thoroughly to make sure we’re targeting the right people with the right messages via the right channels. 


At Planet Marketing, we create powerful and compelling communications, which will engage and inspire your audience and firmly position your planet-focused brand as one they want to interact with. We are experienced at simplifying technical and often complicated information and presenting it as a clear and convincing solution.

Digital Marketing

How can your brand cut through the digital noise? By marketing across multiple channels, we amplify and reinforce your messages. You reach your audience through multiple touchpoints, with every communication scheduled and coordinated to deliver maximum impact for your budget.


Impact measurement should never be an afterthought. We build in success measures at the strategic planning stage, so that they are in place and tracking the success of a project from the moment it is live. We report regularly throughout the life of a campaign and statistics are fed back in for a constantly evolving strategy.

Believe in better for your brand.
We do.