Ethical Marketing Agency in the UK

Planet Marketing is an ethical marketing agency in the UK with a commitment to climate conscious marketing practices. Our aim is to drive purpose driven brands through the implementation of greener and more responsible marketing solutions. Our mission is to help purpose-driven brands, like yours, tell stories that engage minds and win hearts. .

Business ethics is more than a trendy keyword. 

Although for a long time viewed as a trendy keyword, brands are gradually realising that strong ethics and core values are a must and this also applies to the marketing a business shares with its target audience. A business brand is never in itself good or bad however it is the core values and beliefs of the business that drive the perception of the brand in the eyes of the consumer. This is exactly what makes ethical marketing so essential for a sustainable business. 

Marketing for good begins with transparency and taking responsibility for the impact caused by the actions of the business. 

As an ethical agency powered by a team of marketing experts, we hold an appreciation for the collective effort required to reverse the impact of global warming, pollution and human injustice. Most importantly, we understand the responsibility we hold to adopt climate-conscious practises within our operations and we are committed to doing so to the best of our ability as we continue to grow. 

What makes us an ethical marketing agency in the UK? 

As an ethical marketing agency based in the UK, we want to help your business accomplish good in the world, whether you’re just starting out or looking to scale. We have a real desire to assist those who wish to have a positive influence on society therefore we only partner with businesses that reflect our environmental principles and can showcase that they are working actively towards carbon neutrality objectives. 

We seek to be advocates for sustainable action, working with our clients to promote educated and informed campaigns that will motivate and encourage others to take action and reduce their environmental impact. 

We are as enthusiastic about business performance as we are about business ethics.  

When partnering with our ethical marketing agency, our team of innovative and strategic marketing professionals is ready to convey your brand message and deliver your environmental ideas to market, ensuring that you gain the competitive edge and new business that you deserve. We ensure that everything we do generates revenue for your business without causing harm to the planet. 

We are committed to your passion, your projects and to seeing you succeed. 

Contact us today to discuss how we can help. We are an ethical marketing agency keen to give a helping hand. Whether you are committed to growing an existing project or require assistance from scratch, book in for a call or send us an email. WE LOVE TO CHAT!